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Our amazing graduates are working in all sectors of health and wellbeing.

On this page you can explore how rewarding our graduates are finding their careers. Could this be you, a year from now?

Click on an image and discover more about the graduate and their work.

Lyn Ebbrell CRM5, PR, MAR

Reflexology by Lyn

Location: Wirral and Merseyside
Tel: 07069201266

Lyn qualified with Gaia School of Natural Health in 2015. Previously she had worked in the corporate world for many years, and although enjoyable she came to realise she wanted to do something more fulfilling personally and professionally.

The level 5 course meant that she could study part time while working, and building up relationships during case studies meant that there was a base of potential regular clients after qualification.

Working from home in her spare room, Lyn considered herself very fortunate to have a few regular clients who returned each month, who formed the start of her business Reflexology by Lyn.

As well as working from home, and mobile visits, she now volunteers at Claire House Children's Hospice. She works with parents of bereaved children, giving them some much needed time out and special care with reflexology and other holistic treatments. She also volunteers at Wirral Holistic Centre which is a centre for patients living with cancer, or undergoing cancer treatments. Both centres are a way of giving back to the community as well as increasing knowledge of how reflexology can support different circumstances and conditions. Because she has family living overseas, owning her own business means that she can take a few weeks off at a time, then catch up with her regular clients on her return, she counts her blessings every day that she is able to do this!

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Anna Rivers CRM5, MAR

I trained with Allison Walker in 2019. Due to the COVID pandemic I only started my practice in April 2022, so relatively recently (7 months at the time I am writing this). I am truly loving what I do and how I can help people with this amazing therapy.

I see changes to their feet and often feel shifts in their energies, often from tight/stressed feet to more relaxed, malleable and 'open' reflexes as they have further treatments, they gain familiarity with me and the reflexology. They start to trust the process.

This is a change of career for me (previously I was an accountant) and it is such a change for the better. I have learnt so much from my training, and I continue to learn with loads of great CPD courses on offer. I am much healthier personally as a result of my pathology knowledge from the course. It has really helped me navigate my PeriMenopause!!

I am drawn to working with women also experiencing the symptoms of menopause and women's health in general and can see myself specialising in this in the future. It is incredibly exciting to know I can make a real difference and to keep learning (there's lots of specialist reflexology courses to keep expanding my skills) and enable me to support these women.

I am very lucky in that I can work from home, which gives me the flexibility to work school hours and be in control of my working day, which is invaluable to me. It's been the best career change I could hope for.

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Jackie Sexton CRM5, MAR

Jackie Sexton Limes Therapies

I have always had a keen interest in alternative therapies, particularly Reflexology, and this became even more fascinating to me after falling pregnant with my first child following Reflexology treatments. After the birth of my third child, I had what I can only describe as a calling to train as a reflexologist and chose to train to the highest level available (Level 5) with the Gaia School of Natural Health. Within 6 months of qualifying, I left my job as purchasing brand manager for an equestrian clothing manufacturer and set about pursuing my reflexology business as my sole career around my family life.

Since qualifying in 2017 I have completed many additional CPD courses including, Reflexology Lymph Drainage, Reflexology for Women's Health and menopause, Orthopedic reflexology, Advanced aroma-reflex, Bergman Method Facial reflexology and Hot stone reflexology. I have found these CPD courses in particular most beneficial with the growth of my business and clientele. I am also trained in Indian Head Massage which is a popular add-on to many reflexology treatments.

I have a beautiful treatment room at my home offering a safe, calming space for clients to take the time they need to heal. I also work in a salon one day a week which I really enjoy. Having regular contact with other therapists and also receiving referrals within the salon has enhanced me personally, and also my business. I have gained some lovely clients over the years and feel privileged to be part of their reflexology journey.

Making the decision to train as a Level 5 reflexologist was the best decision I made, both for my career aspirations and for my family work life balance, and I would whole heartedly do it all over again!

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Jo Salomon CRM5, MAR

Jo Salomon Reflexology - Delivering Reflexology at home & in the workplace!

Jo has shaped a successful career after completing her level 5 course & qualifying as a Practitioner Reflexologist. Following a busy career Jo was able to choose to work part-time & has around 10 clients a week visiting her at home throughout the week.

After a long career working as a nurse in the NHS Jo appreciates how difficult it can be for people to actively look after their own health & well-being. Jo has set up her own practice in her garden room at home & also delivers treatments in the workplace for several companies including Tata Chemicals three factory sites. Having mostly focused on Women's health & finding that more women access services than men it was great to be able to take Reflexology into a predominantly male working environment, enabling them to easily access the benefits of treatment in the workplace. Upon evaluation feedback from the 30 employees was very encouraging with all employees stating they were 'very happy' with the treatment & expressing that it was 'Definitely' something they felt would benefit their overall health & well-being in the future. This type of positive engagement is key to helping close the gap on the health divide between men & women & it's fantastic to see more employers taking care of their staff in this way. This also demonstrates how versatile the role of a therapist can be!

Jo is passionate about Reflexology & enjoys helping people look after themselves she said 'It's amazing & a privilege to be involved in helping people take better care of their health & well-being' in comparison to her previous career she said 'I loved being a nurse but at times the role was very stressful & demanding. When giving a treatment you automatically feel calm & relaxed, so you benefit as much as your client does! Working for myself as a therapist means I am in control of my own diary & can dictate how busy I am. I've achieved the perfect “work/life balance” and have never been happier!'.

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Claire Owens

Clinical Reflexology by Claire

Since qualifying in Level 5 Clinical Reflexology in 2020 with Allison Walker I have gone on to set up my own practice at home. I found the Level 5 qualification very in depth and gave me all the information and training I needed to set up my own practice. Over the last two years I have built up a great client base and I am now working full time as a reflexologist and I absolutely love it! I see a range of clients including those struggling with menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms, anxiety and stress related symptoms and I also offer treatments to clients going through cancer treatment and palliative care. I have volunteered at a local hospice and treated both patients and carers and gained valuable experience. I knew as soon as I enrolled on the course that I would love giving reflexology treatments and I have been amazed at the results that I have had with clients. I love being able to help clients relax, unwind and rebalance through the treatments that I offer.

Since qualifying I have also gone on to do further training in facial reflexology and Zone Face Lift with Ziggie Bergman and Menopause reflexology and Maternity reflexology with Sally Earlam.

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Hannah Tappenden

Hannah qualified as a Clinical Reflexologist in September 2018. Since then she has established a private practice in Manchester. Her work is focused on supporting women with their journey to motherhood, through fertility, maternity reflexology and postpartum care.

In addition to her reflexology practice, she has also trained to be a certified coach and supports women holistically with health and life coaching.

Hannah enjoys research and has spent the past four years exploring birth and recovery. She has created a birth course in partnership with Helen Davenport-Peace who is a Doula and has extensive education experience. This course was also informed by years of working alongside master Hypnotherapist Siân Quipp to deliver holistic hypnobirthing courses.

Birth Course Link -

Hannah hosts a podcast dedicated to recovery after birth. Created for new mothers and invites other wellbeing practitioners to share their experience and advice. The podcast is called The Fourth Trimester and is available for download on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

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Sarah Storey

My name is Sarah Storey and I graduated in 2018 and launched my business Vale Royal Reflexology in April of that year.

I have my own lovely cosy and relaxing treatment room at Rosebank Well Being Centre within the centre of Northwich, Cheshire where I work evenings and weekends alongside many other amazing therapists.

I have built up a good client base over the last few years and I treat a mixture of both men and women who have a variety of issues from stress and anxiety to quite debilitating chronic pain issues. It never ceases to amaze me how reflexology continues time and time again to work its magic and helps to improve their overall health and well-being.

I have also had some very positive feedback from clients when using auricular reflexology particularly with the use of ear seeds. I have had clients refer to them as 'Magic Seeds' and one of my clients regularly sends me photos of herself on holiday walking up mountains in far flung places and thanks me for helping her.

It is also very rewarding when I have also been able to provide some comfort and relaxation to breast cancer clients that are undergoing treatment or who are terminally ill.

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Lisa Smith CRM5, MAR

Wellbeing and Healing with Lisa

Location: Upton, Wirral
Tel: 07759250579

I qualified with the Gaia school of Natural Health in March 2017, previously working from a dedicated Therapy room at my home on the Wirral offering Reiki and Indian Head Massage. While I really enjoyed offering these therapies, I felt the call to practice more clinically and specialise in another therapy.

After researching the Reflexology Level 5 course at Gaia School I met with Carolyn and felt this course was going to be great, very informative and liked the extra modules it covered. It suited me to attend college the two days a month to fit in with family and work commitments. I truly enjoyed every minute of studying, the set out of the course, various ways of learning, the tutor, mix of new skills learnt, adaptions and the case studies. All the hard work and study ensured I was trained to a high standard and felt totally confident in my role as a reflexologist.

Since qualifying in Reflexology Level 5 I have offered Treatment from home, mobile visits and corporate work. I have treated fertility and pregnant clients and found this very rewarding and worked as a volunteer at a local Children's Hospice for a short while.

Reflexology has become my most popular treatment and brought a whole new wave of regular clients, through word of mouth mostly. This has meant I have enough clients to mostly work from my home-based room now. Family commitments changed and to be able to work from home meant I could still pursue my career and the love of offering wellbeing treatments.

I feel this Level 5 course gives you the professional expertise and skills to stand out!

I feel being a self-employed reflexologist and running my own business has been very empowering and fulfilling, the freedom to arrange a career around my home and family life.

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Moira Parkin-Moore

The Reflexology Pod -

Location: Warwickshire
Tel: 07719898199

My name is Moira and I graduated from the Contemporary Reflexology College in May 2018. I have my own reflexology clinic which I have named The Reflexology Pod. I work from a designated treatment room in my own home in Leamington Spa and I also offer mobile treatments in my local area for those clients unable to travel. Since graduating, I have completed further training in Reflexology Lymph Drainage with Sally Kaye. I have a special interest in palliative care and stress and anxiety management. Prior to Covid-19 lockdown I volunteered as a Reflexologist at a local hospice. I thoroughly enjoy my role as a Reflexologist and look forward to expanding my practice further in the years ahead.

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Sharon West

I'm Sharon and I run my own private clinic in a relaxing and peaceful environment and I offer reflexology treatments to anyone looking for relaxation and help with various health issues that they may have. Many of my clients come for relief from stress and anxiety and consistently rebook as they find it so helpful in managing stress in their day to day lives. I have one client who asks me to put an ear seed in her insomnia point on her ear as she is finding it so effective. I enjoy putting together bespoke treatment plans so my clients can get the best reflexology treatment for them which can often include auricular reflexology as part of their treatment. I also offer after-care advice and show them where on their hand they can work a specific reflex that they can work between treatments.

My client's range in age from young children, teenagers, women and men with my oldest client being 102 who loves his reflexology sessions.

Many women who come to me for reflexology are looking for help with relief from menopause symptoms and find a course of treatments really helpful in managing this. I recently treated a number of ladies all in the late stages of their pregnancy and it was such an honour to be able to share such a special part of their journey.

I love what I do and I enjoy making a positive difference in my client's lives.

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Rachel Cox CRM5 MAR

Location: Frodsham, Cheshire.

After spending most of my adult life working in primary education I chose to change career. I knew I was being drawn towards the holistic world but didn't know where. After searching the different career paths I chose to train in level 5 Clinical reflexology in 2015 with the Gaia School of Natural Health in the Wirral. Carolyn is a fantastic tutor and extremely knowledgeable in her field. During the training my interest in cancer was sparked, especially when we had to critique past research papers and develop our own. Mine was around cancer. After qualifying I built up my busy clinic and was always on the lookout for a volunteer role within cancer. That opportunity came in 2018 when I applied for a volunteering role through MacMillan at the Linda McCartney centre which is part of the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. Then the pandemic hit and I started my induction in August 2021. I am now the Lead volunteer complementary therapist in the centre. I have now specialised in the treatment of peripheral neuropathy using nerve reflexology by Dr. Carol Samuel and the results I am seeing are amazing. I work closely with the hospital medical staff and they are hugely impressed. I absolutely love my work in the centre as it is so diverse. All the patients I have treated have all said what a difference the centre makes to their cancer treatment journey. I would like to think I am waving the flag for Level 5 Clinical reflexology and showing mainstream medicine that there are good quality therapists with good quality qualifications.

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Melissa Tyers

My name is Melissa Tyers and I am a graduate of Jubilee College. I was successful in securing a post for the Myeloma (blood cancer) Complementary Therapist, funded by Nottingham Hospitals Charity and based at the Hayward House Specialist Palliative Care Unit. The role was originally for six months but it soon became obvious that this service was very much needed and now, over five years on, I am able to provide complementary therapies to blood cancer, Sickle Cell Anaemia and other haematology patients.

Over that time my role has developed and embedded with the haematology service by working alongside clinical professionals to offer patients the additional support of complementary therapies. I also attend patient support, rehabilitation groups and staff educational training days to talk about the benefits of complementary therapies – the response is always amazing.

Part of my training was to attend the Dying to Communicate Course run by the Palliative Care Consultants at Hayward House, which has helped me to better communicate with patients receiving end of life care.

Continuing Professional Development in Cancer & Palliative Care Reflexology and Cancer Care & Aromatherapy has also enhanced my knowledge and confidence when working with patients.

A range of therapies such as aromatherapy, reflexology, massage, Reiki, and Indian head massage are offered with the aim of promoting relaxation and a sense of wellbeing, either at our purpose-built therapy unit for outpatients or at the bedside for inpatients.

The complementary therapy unit is a warm, relaxed, self-contained environment that looks like a log cabin – to provide the necessary peace and tranquillity for patients in a non-clinical environment.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis we had to adapt the way in which we worked so that we can continue to provide a service. Telephone support has been increasingly popular as not everyone wants, or can have, hands-on treatment due to shielding, isolating, transport and costs. Prior to a patient's visit a telephone consultation is carried out which includes a MYCAW (measure yourself concerns and wellbeing) questionnaire. This is most important as it will evaluate the needs, concerns and quantitative data for supportive care.

I feel that I'm constantly learning, especially due to the many different types of blood cancers, blood disorders and stages I see patients with. This includes the Watch and Wait stage where treatment may not be needed straight away, and some patients may never need it. This can be very stressful due to the uncertainty it presents. Patients I see on the haematology wards can be recently diagnosed, undergoing chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, neutropenic, having complications, receiving palliative care or having a Sickle Cell crisis.

At this point emotionally, physically, and psychologically they are in need of support. Complementary therapies are most welcomed at this time of vulnerability and using a holistic approach I'm able to evaluate a patient's needs by listening and providing reassurance. Sometimes just a chat and showing empathy may release any built-up emotions and I often find a secure gentle touch of the hand can be comforting and may be all that is needed at this time.

Reflexology and aromatherapy are the most popular treatments I provide. Before deciding on the treatment, I carefully look at the patient's diagnosis, lifestyle, and consider the support that may be needed. Essential oils can evoke a very immediate emotional reaction and aromastick nasal inhalers provide a quick response in anxious or nauseous patients when used in conjunction with breathing techniques.

In these uncertain times our complementary team have pulled together and supported each other, giving me the confidence to work in an environment that is constantly changing. It's a privilege to work with patients knowing I am able to make a difference by providing a treatment. It is my hope that complementary therapy will one day be more available and recognised within the NHS.

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Vicky Fox

Tel: 07970 882728

I studied the Level 5 Clinical Reflexology Qualification under the guidance of David Wayte, Principal of Jubilee College.

Although running an already successful virtual freelance admin business, during Covid one of my main clients no longer needed my assistance as the businesses had grown exponentially meaning they needed 'bums on seats' giving me the opportunity to review which direction to go in next.

Ever since I had Reflexology with my midwife (after I passed my due date with my first child) I was drawn to this therapy and intrigued by its power. This was the opportunity I'd been waiting for and after researching which course to choose I happily signed up to do the highest qualification possible. I have always been drawn to helping people and loved the thought of someone leaving me after a treatment feeling like a better version of themselves which I'm very happy to report they do!!

As well as working from my cosy treatment room at home, I also provide monthly Reflexology Clinics at two Beauty Salons and a Physiotherapists. I love the work that I do and each of my clients are beautifully unique with a variety of reasons for visiting, keeping me on my toes!!

This year I will be doing a facial and myo reflexology course to complement all of the techniques learnt with Jubilee College which included palliative, lymphatic, preconception, pregnancy and maternity reflexology.

I hope to do some voluntary work eventually, once my children have left school, but for now I wouldn't change a thing. My two businesses work in harmony together and I couldn't be happier, which I think also reflects in my work.

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Nicola Fox

Tel: 07889137168

I completed my Level 5 Reflexology course with Jubilee College in 2017 and have not looked back! Initially I worked 2-days a week whilst I was still teaching, in August 2018 I started full-time delivering treatments in my cosy cabin in my garden. From my experience of working with young adults in further education, I new I wanted to focus my business on supporting people with their emotional wellbeing, the natural way.

To increase my knowledge I continued my development by completing courses in Functional Reflexology, Mindful Reflexology, Acupressure Facial Therapy and Mental Health First Aid. I am super proud of how my business has developed and I am able to support children, young people, and adults to cope with their anxiety and emotional wellbeing. I have delivered workshops both virtual and face-to-face to clients, charities, workplaces, NHS staff, teachers to provide them with a practical self-care hand reflexology tool they can use at anytime or anywhere.

This year I have had the privilege of going into a school to support children in Year 5 and 6 by teaching them a hand reflexology routine using the Functional Reflex Therapy framework. I have delivered 30-minute sessions over 4-weeks, the children have been amazing and have really responded well to the routine and understanding how their emotions can impact their body physically and their behaviour.

I love treating all of my clients, especially children and young people, not only is it hugely rewarding to see the impact it has on them, it is a great way for them to understand how complimentary therapies can benefit them physically and emotionally.

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Jackie Saxton CRM5 MARS MFHT

Location: Sheffield
Tel: 07889 137168

My background is in Radiology of which I have worked as an Assistant Practitioner for 43 years, while looking for an alternative career I became interested in holistic health.

I qualified as an Holistic Therapist in my 40s completing a VTCT in 2009, this was an integrated course covering Reflexology, Swedish Massage, Aromatherapy and Indian Head Massage.

I soon realised after qualifying although giving me a good grounding in Holistic Therapies that my passion was for Reflexology and while initially working in The Lifestyle Centre Beighton as an Holistic Therapist, I wanted to increase my experience in Reflexology specific to women's health and wellbeing.

I then went on to train in extra Reflexology courses to gain knowledge and experience.

I trained with David Wayte at Jubilee college on a weekend fertility course and I recognised the depth of knowledge he and his students had and I wanted to train at this level to give my clients the best reflexology sessions possible.

So in 2017, 10 years after qualifying initially, I retrained in Reflexology at a level 5 with Jubilee college in Sheffield it was without question the best course I have ever completed, it left me with a new passion a wealth of knowledge, experience and a set of colleagues that have become true friends for life.

Since 2018 I have worked from home in a dedicated therapy room and increased my client base by including a selection of therapies to support women on their rites of passage.

My thirst for knowledge and experience has kept me training in Facial Reflexology ,Menopause Reflexology along with Auricular Reflexology and Ear seeding since qualifying with Jubilee.

Now in my 60th year I'm working in a profession that is also a passion and it is so true if you do a job you love you never work a day in your life.

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Sharonlee Young MAR

Sharonlee qualified in 2021 with Carolyn Roberts at the Gaia School of Natural Health.

Before embarking on the level 5 training, Sharonlee had worked in the local authority sector. She left to focus on her own health and well-being and build a better work-life balance and hasn't looked back.

Despite re-training in massage therapy and reiki, she hadn't actually experienced reflexology. The clinical lead at the hospice where Sharonlee was volunteering mentioned Carolyn's course and the rest, they say, is history.

Since qualifying, Sharonlee provides a mobile clinical reflexology service in Telford and the surrounding area. She supports clients with a range of conditions and well-being needs. She tends to find she attracts clients experiencing menopausal symptoms, musculoskeletal and digestive issues or where allopathic treatments have been exhausted or are not producing the desired outcomes. She loves the challenge of investigating the holistic health of the client, restoring balance and a sense of well-being.

Sharonlee has gone on to complete her Reiki IV Master Teacher qualification with Gaia, inspired by Carolyn's powerful energy work. Reiki and Reflexology complement one another perfectly and are often used alongside one another in Sharonlee's treatments.

Unlike other holistic health courses Sharonlee had taken, she felt ready and empowered to start her reflexology business as soon as she qualified. The business module and case studies provide the tools, the knowledge, the practice and the confidence to get going straight away.

Sharonlee is committed to her personal and professional development, undertaking research and CPD to benefit her clients.

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Sarah Cliffe CRM5 MAR

Location: Wrenbury, Cheshire.
Tel: 07854 882902

“Promoting physical and mental heath”

I graduated as a Level 5 clinical Reflexologist in Oct 2020 with Carolyn Roberts of Gaia School of Natural Health.

I stumbled over Carolyn's course, looking for CPD courses. I had done a Level 3 in Reflexology but had no confidence and the course wasn't accredited.After speaking to a very supportive Carolyn, I decided to go for the Level 5. One of the best things I ever did. Carolyn is so knowledgeable and passionate about reflexology. I will never forget how confident I felt after those first few training days, I knew I was in the right place.

I offer a range of therapies from my beautiful treatment room at home:

  • Reflexology
  • Facial Reflexology
  • Aromatherapy
  • Indian head
  • Reiki
  • Stone therapy
  • And numerous CPD courses, highlights including Sally Kay's RLD, Lorraine Senior's Functional Reflex Therapy and all Ziggie Bergman's facial reflexology courses to name a few.

All my treatments include some form of reflexology.

Graduating in covid was hard, I was and repeat, but my clients kept coming back, I now have a growing client base. I support a wide range of female and male clients, mostly with some form of stress/anxiety, age range 0 to 87 🤣. It's a broad field and no day is ever the same, we can jump from digestive issues to grief, menopause, pregnancy, headache, sinus issues, children with anxiety just to name a few.

That's how I like it. I absolutely love what I do.

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Nia Haf Jones MAR

Traed Fyny - Feet Up.

Location: Denbigh, N.Wales
Tel: 07368 103377

Growing up I was often asked what would you like to be when you're older, but I didn't really know the answer until I was in my thirties. And now, when people ask me what I do for a living, they don't expect to hear that I help people to feel better by touching their feet, as a Reflexologist!

In 2016 I enrolled with the Gaia School of Natural Health, straight in at Level 5 with no previous relevant qualifications. I was reassured that I would learn everything that I needed to be able to graduate with the most remarkable knowledge and confidence to stand on my own two feet; and I wasn't let down, only encouraged every step of the way.

Once I had completed my course I started offering bilingual holistic treatments at Traed Fyny - Feet Up. Working from home around family commitments works for me, my family and clients.

Since graduating I've completed many additional CPD courses including, Reflexology Lymph Drainage, Advanced Facial Reflexology (Bergman Method), Indian Head Massage, Menopause (Facial, Hand and Foot Reflexology treatment in one), Facial Cupping and Hot Stone Reflexology. All of these courses have given me the opportunity to continue to learn but also to be able to offer additional and different treatments to a wide spectrum of clientele. Feet are not everybody's cup of tea, and I appreciate that, so being able to offer Facial or Hand reflexology, Facial Cupping or Hot Stone Reflex as an alternative treatment is so important to me, being as inclusive as possible. I love the fact that Reflexology is for everyone, and recently more and more children (and their parents) are coming through my treatment door. In November 2023 I will attend a further 3 day CPD course the Functional Reflex Therapy. This will enable me to take my therapy into a variety of environments supporting clients with high levels of anxiety, additional and complex needs and communication difficulties.

Since Covid struck I've realised how I, as a Reflexologist, can help to promote self-care. Throughout lockdown I provided short, Hand and Facial reflexology self-care videos and virtual sessions for individuals to follow. I now continue to offer holistic self-care awareness and well-being sessions for staff at their workplace.

If I'm perfectly honest I never thought that when I grew up, I would have a job that entailed touching other peoples' feet to make them feel better - but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's the best job I've ever had; knowing that I've helped someone to feel better is beyond rewarding.

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Jan Griffin

Creating balance

After many years working within the NHS and Social service teams supporting adults with severe mental health conditions both as in-patients and within their communities, in 2014 I was faced with redundancy. This was a major life change for me as I wanted to utilise my years of experience supporting people within these services to supporting people with a more holistic approach. I had some experience receiving holistic therapies to help me to manage my own wellbeing and I knew first-hand how useful they could be. So I set about finding a reflexology course.

I came across Gaia School of Natural Health, and I was initially struck with the flexibility of the course, the fact that the course included energy work was very important to me, I loved how I could meet the tutor first without obligation, to discuss my learning styles and needs. Believe me I was scared. After a chat, Carolyn put my mind at rest and with reassurance of support I made my decision. I found it great that the course supported me to set up my own business from scratch, even advice on self-assessment.

Now here in 2023 I am going strong. I am the proud owner of Creating Balance. The name of my business is what I believe I bring to people through reflexology, I encourage the type of relaxation that supports the body, mind and soul to create the balance needed to heal itself. From my therapy room at home I have been successfully supporting people with a variety of challenges including Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson disease but mainly mental health and stress related issues. I have been involved with the local homeless shelters and the Brain Charity wellbeing days.

Thank you Gaia, I know that I have received the best reflexology training with access to further development opportunities to keep me up to date in my practice.

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